Сreative coaching services

An interdisciplinary practice resulting in sustainable personal change, tangible surpassing of personal limitations and successful modeling of new desirable reality.

a unique art and stress reduction method.

We appreciate your high interest in the activities of the Institute, and in the Neurographica method.

Our team is working hard to make sure that 2022 will full of updates. We will come with a lot of information about us - through translated articles, the Neurographica book, translated videos with Prof. Pavel Piskarev, free video streams, new courses, activity in social and more. If you have left a request, our Customer Service will contact you very soon.

Thank you for your support and happy new year!

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Toposoph, Psychologist, Personal, Business and Organizational Coach, Speaker

Founder of Analytical Coaching and Institute of Analitical Coaching, Switzerland

Founder of Neurographica,  Pyramid of Development, The Rise of the Hero, 

Neuroplastica,  Zen Ocean Club, and