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Pavel Piskarev

Founder of Psychology of Creativity Institute

  • Author of methods “Neurographica",  "Pyramid of Development”, BoGoban and more

  • Author of concepts "Aesthetic Intelligence" and "Drive-Culture"

  • Leader of the program "Rise of Hero"

  • Institute for Analytical Coaching, rector

  • Head of the creative association of TO "Neurographica®" at CUPA (Creative Union of Professional Artists), Russia

  • Corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences

  • Member of the Association of Russian-speaking Coaches

  • Managing Partner of the project "DRIVING"

  • Captain «ZenOceanClub», Master of «KOAN-group»



Anton Piskarev

  • Neurographica instructor

  • Designer

  • NeuroPlastica Specialist

  • Zen instructor

  • Trainer of PhotoCoaching and NeuroLeader programs, and Neurographica Basic User and Neurographica Instructor courses.



Denis Poluektov

  • Psychology of Creativity Institute director in Russia

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • BoGoban instructor; NeuroDesign;

  • Marketing and Brand Manager

  • Creator 

  • Expert of Metamodern 



Olga De Schouwer

  • Psychology of Creativity Institute director in Switzerland

  • Neurographica instructor

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • NeuroPlastica instructor

  • Pyramid of Development instructor

  • NeuroDance instructor


Our team welcomes you!


Margarita Miller

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Instructor Course trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • Margarita is a very experienced coach with a huge background. She found Neurographica as a great tool for self-coaching and as a tool to help others. Now she teaches the method to people all over the world, from beginners to instructors.


Anna Denning

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Instructor, Specialist, and Basic User courses trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • NeuroArt trainer 

  • BoGoban Specialist; NeuroDesign;

  • NeuroPlastica Specialist

  • Anna teaches beginners and advanced users, showing how to harmonize emotions quickly and ecologically, and model present and future while creating mesmerizing abstract drawings. You will draw soulful and effective abstract art with Anna.


Julia Hadar

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Instructor Course trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • Julia is practising as an instructor for many years, combining astrology and Neurographa. She's not stopping her self-development, and continue to learn new techniques and tools of the Institute. 


Antje Howard

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Basic User and Specialist courses trainer 

  • Neurographica Specialist for Children and Youth

  • QiGong and Meditation teacher

  • Antje has an academic background in Education, Cultural Anthropology, and Political Sciences. She has lectured at Universities in Germany and Finland, teaching Artistic Research and Visual Anthropology


Christine Schickinger

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Basic User and Specialist courses trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • BoGoban Specialist; NeuroDesign;

  • Trust Technique Practitioner

  • Holistic Coach

  • Naturopath

  • Christine has huge professional experience since 1999. Starting from global executive in the IT corporate world, as naturopath, coach, and lecturer at an international business school.

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