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A résumé is a life, packed in several lines. Why do I love my résumé? For the fact that in it everything is true and every word is in its place. Sometimes when I check it for a match of time, fragments of a film of my own life pop up before my eyes, in comparison with which I have never seen anything,  anywhere more remarkable.

Piskarev, D.Sc.,Prof.

  • Author of methods “Neurographica®” and "Pyramid of Development”

  • Author of concepts "Aesthetic Intelligence" and "Drive-Culture"

  • Leader of the program "Rise of Hero"

  • Institute for Analytical Coaching, rector

  • Head of the creative association of TO "Neurographica®" at CUPA (Creative Union of Professional Artists), Russia

  • Corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences

  • Member of the Association of Russian-speaking Coaches

  • Managing Partner of the project "DRIVING"

  • Captain «ZOceanClub», Master «KOAN-group»

A man’s potential is his destiny and the experience of his achievements his autobiography. 

M.M. Zhvanetsky

Development architect.




Business Trainer.

Graphic Facilitator.
Coach NLP.

Master of Holodynamics
Constellations specialist.

Game facilitator
Specialist of body-oriented practices.
Hanna Somatic Educator.

Holistic forms of massage.

Master of Oriental Humanitarian Technologies.



Martial arts Instructor: Simmey-do (IV dan).

Budzhinkan (I dan).


Master Reiki.

Instructor Taiji-qigong.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Meditation teacher.


Maritime qualifications

IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor #7079

IBS IYT, AIDA****, Instr. EFR


Author of unique educational programs and social projects. Experience of professional implementation since 1987.

I prefer to live realizing the infinity of possibilities that the generous Universe gives us. This may sound strange, but (discovering) these resources, connecting to them and devoting service to those talents and forces that these resources open up has become the most important strategy in my life.

The main features of the work

  • Personal approach

  • Responsibility, reliability and the pursuit of results

  • Laconism, the actualization of meanings and systemic individuation

  • Professional exactingness and friendly communication

  • Strategic building of partnership and long-term business relations

  • Unique graphics and understandable presentation of theoretical material

  • Creativity, energy and maximum personal realization

  • A good psychologist, coach, trainer - a person with great life experience.

  • Great life experience should be positive and productive.

  • Then a professional can translate success, happiness, and luck in his own way, and, in the silence of his presence, the music of harmonious being sounds.

I don't tire of praising my Teachers, who gave me the great value ​​of knowledge in various aspects of reality. Thanks to them, I managed to compensate the multiplicity of the Western technological education with the irrational practices of holistic, "Eastern" teachings.

Themes of professional realization

  • Coaching of self-determination, leadership and development strategies

  • Coaching of communication, partnerships and conflict resolution

  • Coaching in crisis situations and high levels of risk

  • Organizational consulting and educational programs

  • Project management: formation, development and crises, teams

  • Brand management, corporate culture

  • Development and support of unique projects​

  • The world is interesting and diverse. The practice of life consists in communicating with people alike and mastering those spaces that attract our consciousness and spirit. Cognition of the world through activity is the main practice of a happy life.

I really love my work. And the subject of my work, most of all, is the invention of developmental tools and the organization of programs and events in which a person is able to make qualitative changes in consciousness, flexibly adjust his qualities, model strategies and master new skills.


Personal credo - Everything is possible!

Context of realization

  • Humanitarian and communicative technologies

  • Visual thinking, schematization, and toposophy

  • Business, leadership, and strategies for achieving results

  • Knowledge of: NLP, holodynamics, integrative psychology

  • Field practices: Spiritual arrangements, authentic movement

  • Art and design: architecture, theater, painting, contemporary art, photography

  • Qigong, Tai-chi-chuan, Ning-po, martial arts

  • Holistic tourism: sea, mountains, deserts

  • Yachting, diving, rafting, water tourism

  • Healing, oriental medicine

  • Zen, Tao. Meditation

The entire toposophical width of planet Earth can never be covered. You can never be at all points of the world at the same time. You can never understand a person of a different culture, until you immerse yourself in that culture fully. Therefore, traveling is always an expedition with immersion into culture, communication with people unlike you, familiarity with traditions and mastering of new artifacts. The main thing is to get out of the aquarium of total security into which you are submerged and whose walls protect you from the streams of the great ocean of life. Go out into the blue ocean of uncertainty and start living inspirationally.

I believe that in your work you need to be extremely honest and authentic about what you are doing. That is why any education, especially in the field of sociology and psychology, must be associated with a great deal of practice with people who periodically expand beyond their profession into other contexts of activity.

Geography of realization

Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Germany, Egypt, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Israel, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Cuba, China, Maldives. France, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan ...

Geography of realization

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