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Neurographica® –

creative coaching services and unique art and stress reduction therapy

Neurographica® was created in June of 2014. Throughout the entire period of research and implementation of the Neurographica®, results obtained have been striking and brought about good long-term effects.


  • Developed by Pavel Piskarev. He received a state certificate of copyright registration in September 2015 in Moscow.

  • Has shown itself to be equally effective in both the individual and in teamwork

  • Trainings using Neurographica® art techniques are characterized by participant involvement, the state of flow, a high level of synergy, positive dynamics of the states, and high achievement relative to set objectives.

  • Studying Neurographica® you acquire a universal instrument for managing your life events through application of different algorithms specifically designed for a variety of life circumstances.

Neurographica® Includes a group of authored assets.


  • Neurographica®, a unique name

  • The history of the method's origin

  • The Neurographical line

  • The principle of coupling of the composition elements

  • The hypothesis of a universal language

  • The 10 сore principles of Neurographica®

  • Basics of the composition and Neurographica® theory

  • The Basic algorithm

  • 8 universal algorithms:

    • «Lifting of Inner Constraints »

    • «Modeling in Neurographica»

    • «Directing Energy in Neurographica. 5 Elements»

    • «Neurosketching »

    • «Neuromandala»  

    • «Neurographica of Communications»

    • «Goal - Realization - Outcome»/ GRO

    • «Timelines» 

The Theory of Neurographica®

The Theory of Neurographica is built on scientific principles using the knowledge of visual thinking in combination with the laws and patterns identified by various schools of psychology. Namely: neuropsychology, analytical psychology, Gestalt psychology, Psychosynthesis, social psychology and modern management theory.

Training of professionals in Neurographica®

Training of professionals in Neurographica™ include:

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