Neurographica® Instructor Training Course

starting on May 3, 2021


9 months you can spend with great benefit to yourself and others by devoting some of your attention, time and willful efforts to the professional study of Neurographica®,  offering the opportunity for personal transformational practice during the course.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive the following statuses:

  • Neurographica ™Instructor, 180 hours

Course author:

Pavel Piskarev

The registration is open until September 

This course is right for you

If you are

  • Intent on expanding your arsenal of development practices

  • Seeking  new paths of self-actualization and self-realization

  • Interested in discovering the creative potential of an individual

  • Wishing to master new tools of personal harmonization

  • Wishing to join the art community in order to expand personal contact

  • Ready to get a new profession and help other people.

Course purpose

Formation and establishment of the profession -
Neurographica ™ Instructor

Course objectives

To master the professional competencies of the artist-neurograph

  • Mastering the skills and competencies of the trainer

  • Coordination of personal values and values of the study group

  • Building an individual management model

  • Expansion of one’s intellect in the field of art history

  • Immersing oneself into the  knowledge of various areas and schools of psychology: social, gestalt, analytical and neuropsychology, psychosynthesis

  • Immersing oneself into the educational process for maximal realization of the study program

Course results

  • Expansion of energetic, social and intellectual potential

  • Being a part of a new, cultural communication environment with the opportunity for development

  • Harmonization of personality

  • Having a new profession and an additional source of income


The Instructor course is a structured project with books provided.  Its participants will join the Neurographica® Instructors network in Russia and abroad.

This is the fourth year of the Instructor course. There were 40 people in the first one, 108 in the second, and already 150 in the third. In the fourth year, we are expecting up to 216 people to join.

The course participants will become the masters of  high-quality skills in drawing and working with the mental content of graphic work and unique competences, not only in composition, but also in the field of the psychology of perception, sociology, neuroaesthetics, as well as unique coaching competences.

This is an amazing course. Get involved! Join the Neurographica® Instructor course today.

Questions, answers, schedule, content, conditions, suggestions and ideas - here, in the event’s chat

How it works

We conduct our work online, in a closed FB group.
Course work, open discussion of current issues, announcements of supervisions and other issues related to the course for 9 months of 2019 are conducted in private FB groups and on our study site.


To improve the quality of our service, all conversations are recorded!

Certificate of Study

Participants successfully completing the course program and demonstrating the communication skills that meet the community standards will receive 3 documents:

  • Diploma Neurographica ™ Instructor of the Institute of The Psychology of Creativity

  • State certificate of advanced training

The total course consists of 200 hours of  theory / practice / supervision. Anyone who has fulfilled the conditions of admission and is enrolled in the Instructor Course 2021, will receive the right to openly use the name NEUROGRAPHICA® in the area of  implementing study programs in drawing and presentation of the method in the limits of the “Agreement with the Author”This right is reserved for the Instructor after the successful completion of the program.

Conditions of Study

Conditions for enrollment in the School of Neurographica® for the course Instructor:

  • Familiarize yourself with the offer

  • Register for the course by filling in the School Participant Application Form facebook.

  • Targeted financial contribution / prepayment

  • Participant's motivation letter is filled out after he or she is added to the study group on the social network

Training conditions in the School of Neurographica for the course of Instructor:

  • Participation in webinars and supervisions;

  • Preferably, a personal presence at the "Intensive Week".
    (because of the current situation with the pandemic, there's a possibility that the Intensive will be online via Zoom)

  • Strict adherence to the ethical standards of constructive communication, most conducive to the learning process.

Course content

Course content, 10 training blocks and special knowledge:

  1. Basic algorithm. Neurographica® composition

  2. Positioning and personal marketing

  3. Removal of Inner Constraints

  4. Communication and relationships

  5. Goal – Realization – Outcome / GRO

  6. Timelines

  7. Colour drama

  8. Neuromandala

  9. Neurosketching

  10. History of art

The course assets include the exercise “NeuroTree”.

In sum

  • Course participants who have completed the entire course program and successfully defended a thesis project, are entitled to use copyright materials in their teaching activities, which are included in the actives of the Instructor Course.