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Discover the profession of the modern time

Use NeuroGraphica in your practice and teach the method to others (the basic user course and all the algorithms) or create your own courses.
Learn the professional competencies of Neurographica Instructor.

Build an individual model of self-development.

Expand your knowledge in art, psychology, philosophy, sociology and management.

Reach your maximum potential.

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Course Programme

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Neurographica Instructor Training Course is an online course. All the materials are prerecorded and you can watch them and do the tasks any time that is convenient for you.
The Course is delivered by the author of the method Prof. PAVEL PISKAREV, DSc himself. It is prerecorded with professional audio translation

Your course drawings will be reviewed by our Institute’s supervisors.



If you have any questions during the course, our supervisors and curators will answer them.  We are a very approachable and friendly team.


Our main focus is to teach the students how to become an Instructor, so we teach each NeuroGraphica module in great depth and pay detailed attention to the quality of students’ drawings.

Every study module includes supervision of your works, and testing on the material studied. 



The schedule also includes an Intensive Training Week. This week is free of any tasks. You will watch the videous for pleasure and gaining new information. The idea is to give our students additional theory, bonus classes covering Neurographica Coaching, NeuroPlastica (body-oriented practices), and, if you want to draw with us - more practice in your skills as an artist!



Each course is unique. It never repeats the previous ones in the same way. Every year, Pavel Piskarev brings something new to the Instructors course programme.

Under curation of the Author, and the great work of our supervisors, you will get the newest information about the method. 



Welcome and join our magical journey!

"We do not just draw pictures. Each work is a solution of individual problem. In the process of drawing, a fragment of the psychic becomes harmonized, and links with the Whole".

- Pavel Piskarev -

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Meet our Neuro-team

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Energetic, social and intellectual potential growth

Join a new cultural environment, expand social and professional circle

Mastering new tools for harmonization and personal development.

New profession with ability to build additional source of profit. 

Students will master quality drawing skills and work with the mental context of graphic works, unique competencies not only in composition, but also in the psychology of perception, sociology, neuroaesthetics, as well as Instructional competencies.


Payment via bank account

If you prefer this payment method, please send us a receipt to:

to be sure you will be added to study group

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