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Neurographica® Basic Certified User course

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The course of initial system training in Neurographica®, which provides the opportunity to get acquainted with the 3 versions of the algorithm for Removing Limitations which has established itself as amazing in quality of action and internal ecology, is an indispensable tool for solving problems related to  stress, pain, injury and other limitations of human life.

The Basic User Certified Course of Psycholohy of Creativity Institute® of Pavel Piskarev is a certified program that gives you the opportunity to learn the method’s basics that you need in order to learn the other algorithms.


In the course program

  • Neurographica® - the evolutionary history of the method

  • The concept of Neurographica™ application and its 10 basic principles

  • Neurographica® line and pattern

  • Algorithm for Removing Limitations (3 versions)

  • Algorithm for Revealing Intentions

  • The School of Neurographica® and it’s further development

General Information

The Basic Certified User Course consists of two webinars of 4 hours and one supervision.

All participants of the course become members of the Neurographica® User group, in which intervision sessions and communication with School supervisors will take place. 

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