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Neurographica® Certified Basic User Course

Starting on May 9


This course is the first step in Neurographica® training.  It provides the opportunity to get acquainted with the 3 variations of Algorithm for Removing Limitations - an amazing tool for dealing with stress, pain, trauma and other limitations of human life.


Other models include:  3 variations of Algorithm for Removing Judgements and Algorithm for Revealing Intentions. 


The Neurographica® Certified Basic User Course at the Psychology of Creativity Institute® of Pavel Piskarev is a certified programme that gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of the method that you need in order to learn other algorithms.

Course Programme:

  • Neurographica® - history of the method

  • Neurographica™ application

  • 10 basic principles of Neurographica

  • Neurographica® line and pattern

  • Algorithm for Removing Limitations (3 versions)

  • Algorithm for Removing Judgements

  • Algorithm for Revealing Intentions

  • The School of Neurographica® and its future development

General Information

The Neurographica® Certified Basic User Course is delivered by Prof. PAVEL PISKAREV, DSc himself, the Author of NeuroGraphica method.
The course is prerecorded with professional audio translation. It consists of two lessons and one video supervision.

Your course drawings will be reviewed by our Institute’s supervisors. You will have one month for certification. 

All participants of the course have an option to become members of the Neurographica® Basic User group on Facebook for communication with school supervisors.

Price of the Course €210

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