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The popularity and risks associated with Drawing Neurographica

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The speech by Pavel Piskarev, DrSC, founder of the Institute of Psychology of Creativity, creator of Neurographica.  

Dear colleagues, I am happy to see that Neurographica is gaining popularity, not just in Russia but all over the world. As the popularity is growing due to the coherence and the beauty of the method, there are also growing risks that are associated with the method, since the method is an actual process, and not just some-made up concept.  There are 2 types of risks associated with this method: technical and human.

Technical risks are the ones that are associated with people drawing Neurographica without the full knowledge of the method, and as a result they are not reaping the full benefits of the effectiveness of Neurographica. 

So the technical risks are the ones due to the lack of knowledge and training of drawing Neurographica, yet the people have high expectations and want their drawing to “work” and to reach their Quest/Goal.  So I would say that Neurographica is a way to compliment your project, not a “miracle” on its own.  It’s a method of complimenting your project, your professional or personal growth, where “You” are the main focus of the project. In order for the method to work, it is necessary to keep away from the technical risks and focus on becoming more knowledgeable, get more training, and practice on a personal level so you can become more proficient in the method. 

The second risk is more complicated as it is more psychological and involves trusting other people.  Because Neurographica is becoming so popular all around, some people start taking advantage of the popularity of the method and start faking their Instructor status.  Currently there are people all over the world who are pretending to be Certified Instructors, or they say that they have started the course and then left the school. 

As of now, there 2 known cases, where instructors have started the Instructors’ Course and then left.  One student was kicked out for refusing to follow the school guidelines in ethics and behavior.  The second student refused to fully complete the necessary works for the completion, and has forged the certification of the school.  Please, be diligent when it comes to taking classes from people claiming to be Instructors. 

The Certified Instructor Course has over 240 hours of direct learning, and undergoes a rigorous training and supervision, drawing and practicing for many hours in order to obtain the Certification to become an Official Instructor.  Please feel free to ask about the Instructor you are planning to learn from, by contacting the Institute of the Psychology of Creativity directly, and we will be happy to clarify the status of each and every Certified Instructor, and/or the Instructor in Training.  You are welcome to communicate with us using all sources of Social Media.  Any person who will offer you to learn how to draw Neurographica from them, whether for free or for a fee, have to undergo the training to learn how to pass the knowledge about Neurographica in an appropriate system that will allow the student to fully experience the benefits of drawing.  There are variations on how Certified Instructors use Neurographica to present unique trainings, such as AstroNeuroHealing or the Magic of Neurographica. 

These Certified Instructors are officially certified to teach the course and have also created a training of their own.  Success stories like these are shared by almost all of our Certified Instructors, as all of them hold the rights to pass on the knowledge and to officially teach all of the algorithms.  The Certified Instructor’s Course integrates a thorough explanation on how the Neurographica method is created and how to appropriately build the course so the students can learn Neurographica in the safe and effective way.  Some people who claim to be “instructors” offer to draw Neurographica within 1 day, or within 40 minutes, or all of the algorithms within 2 days, are a hoax and a myth.  If you would like to effectively use the method to reach the most out of your life, learn with the person who is qualified to teach you the method in its purest state, be considerate to yourself, be diligent with your source of knowledge, and start experiencing your life to the maximum!


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