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Institute of Psychology of Creativity

Greetings, dear colleagues, my name is Pavel Piskarev - Ph.D., professor, toposoph, architect, the founder of Psychology of Creativity Institute, and the author of several popular and very effective coaching programs. I'm here today to invite you to explore our field. I believe that the work that the Institute does, that focusing on education and the development of people, is so important, maybe it's even the most important work in society, and the most important mission in our lives. Because everyone wants to have a long, efficient, and happy life.

Which means to build relationships, family, full of love and mutual understanding. The opportunity to create our welfare in materialistic aspects of life in harmony and balance with wise, spiritual life. To live a long and healthy life. Enjoy the moment, but also to see the perspectives of 1, 10, 60 years forward.

All the programs and the tools that we developed inside the Institute, and which we teach by practical way of learning are taking place as in online classes, and at live events, camps and festivals. Our community allows to people to find their life-developing environment.

Our world is rapidly changing. And it's necessary to develop tools, algorithms that allows us to exist in this world effectively. What we knew yesterday may be irrelevant tomorrow. And what if the education I have was obtained several decades ago? Maybe I completely dropped out of this life. And we are lucky to live a long life, thanks to medicine and technology of our days. But we want not only to live but also to stay active, continue our individual progress, and enjoy these live.

Actually, in our programs we're talking about discovering our potential and how to use it in an effective and creative way. That is the main component of modern life. We teach that to people who completing our professional training courses, to those who become coaches and helps to others to go through their lives. We are focusing on consistency of knowledge, self development, traditions, and culture.

And it looks like, in our community, no one want to leave.

We are united by a positive way of thinking, support, and care to each other around us.

This is really honest, and in my opinion, this is the only important focus of human interaction and society. Those social interactions are built very consciously into our community.

Our community is open to everyone who interested, and care about Life.

Everyone who comes to us is informed that you are the Author. The Author of the work identified

as “I am”, the Author of the work identified as “my family”, the Author of the work identified as “my business”, and of course the Author of your own life.

Dear colleagues, we are an Institute and of course in our work there are various forms of communication between society, people, and between our-selves. This is the simplest and most accessible form of communication. We understand that accessibility is important. It is also crucial to open our doors of knowledge to develop trust between us. Our team works on translating and building exclusive free material that will be published on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Through this freely available content you will have the ability to understanding of our programs, methodology and tools more, before you start your study.

We have several built courses which draw on emotional, rational, and kinesthetic intelligences that are interconnected harmoniously together. We welcome all these forms of intelligence and seek to develop them through our courses.

Overall we have a wide variety of programs catered to the different developmental stages. The Basic User stage is when a person is learning how to work with our tools however there is always the next step.

This next step is to become a Specialist. And if you are a specialist in any field working with people – such as a teacher, psychologist, coach, therapist, or social worker, then you can begin to apply them to your practice after having mastered these programs.

There are also Instructor and Coaching programs that allow you to study our material and exercises related to them in significant detail. In order to demonstrate your personal results that you have achieved through these programs you will also have the ability to transfer this knowledge to other people.

In this sense, for us there is a clear understanding of the system of training people. A lot of people come to us with the fact that “I have a problem, help me to cope with it right now, at this moment". For example, a common issue that people come to us with - loneliness. Everyone can have the feeling of being alone, without or with a family. Perhaps these persons socially isolated themselves in their lives and have no contact with other people. In a year or two those persons, who already has a built their happy lives, with their social relations, can share their experience with the others. To help them to build their lives.

We see a systematic preparation in this "level system" of education. In those several stages of "self-identification" and interactions with other people.

Thus, the Institute provides systematic preparation for people in their daily lives with measurable results. This is particularly important to us as we must remember that theory is theory, but the implementation is only useful if the theory provides tangible results.


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