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Certified Specialist course

This is a systematic training that gives you the opportunity to learn 3 versions of Algorithm for Removing Limitations, which has proven as an amazing tool for dealing with stress, pain, trauma and other limitations of human life.

Basic User is the entry-level course in NeuroGraphica.


How does the course go?

The Basic Certified User Course consists of two lessons of 4 hours and one video-supervision of your works.

All the studies take place online. Our Instructors will record lessons specifically for your course, which will be published by the course schedule in our special study group on Facebook. You will receive a link to the group and chat after registration. 


Anna Denning

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Instructor, Specialist, and Basic User courses trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • NeuroArt trainer 

  • BoGoban Specialist; NeuroDesign;

  • NeuroPlastica Specialist


Christine Schickinger

  • Instructor of Neurographica

  • Basic User and Specialist courses trainer 

  • Aesthetic Coach

  • BoGoban Specialist; NeuroDesign;

  • Trust Technique Practitioner

  • Holistic Coach

  • Naturopath

"Neurographica is a method that works at the intersection of psychology and visual creativity, and is ideal for self-help in stressful situations and for personal development. It is easy to learn and has no age restrictions". 

- Pavel Piskarev






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