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Instructor and Coach of Neurographica®, president of the female organization Amarna Sanctuary and creative studio Amarna Neuroart.

Margarita has been practicing Neurographica® since May 2017. She combines a variety of Neurographica® algorithms tailored for restoring emotional balance, modeling life goals and self-transformation. Margarita’s drawings have been awarded with the second place nomination twice (2017 and 2018) in the International Neurographica® competition for the Best Neurographica® Drawing of the year She serves as the advisory board member of Antinanco Earth Arts School actively engaging in spreading the earth consciousness around the globe

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Instructor of Neurographica® / Aesthetic Coach / Coach of Multifaceted Personality model /

Specialist of Neurographica in working with youngsters and adolescents 

Marina uses its methodologies to work with both children and adults. She is also an esteemed speech pathologist who treats various speech disorders in children. She currently resides in Staten Island with her family.

Neurographica® is an art-based language that is used to express and change a person’s inner state of being, one neuroline at a time. Through Neurographica®, Marina hopes to help people cultivate harmony and happiness while making them smile. Her goal is to make the world a more peaceful place, one person at a time. Marina loves nature, traveling, tourism, skiing. She dances the Argentine Tango, creates Neuro Art using various mix-media techniques and writes poetry.

Her path in Neurographica® is to bring harmony and happiness to people and make them smile. Her goal is to make the world a happier place one person at a time. If you love life, surprises, poetry and open to changes – you are in the right place.

More info about her work can be found at

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Instructor of Neurographica®

Nataliya has been studying and practicing a variety of healing modalities and art techniques since 2001. She likes to teach Neurographica® because of its effectiveness! Nataliya fell in love with Neurographica® back in 2017 and it has been part of her daily life ever since.

She effectively incorporates her healing techniques into Neurographica™ classes. One class reviewer said: “I gained a lot of positive energy because Nataliya has an astonishing personality and knowledge”. Others commented to have a unique experience attending one of her Neurographica® classes.

Nataliya is happy to share the gift of Neurographica® with her students through classes and workshops. Please join Nataliya at her Neurographica® Art Studio in North Carolina, where she resides with her family.

Nataliya is a Reiki Master, Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist and holds certification in non-traditional Art therapy since 2016.

Alexander Voll gray.jpg


Artist, Instructor and Coach in Neurographica® art method

Completed Neurographica Instructor course in 2018.

My passion is in combining Neurographica® with all aspects of life - every single area of human existence can be affected for the better with a few strokes of the tip of the marker.

I love sharing the method and seeing people come alive through getting in touch with their deeper drives and motivation, struggles and achievements -- all through the application of Neurographica®.  

It has been my experience that personal lives and well being of teams change, transform and fit the flow of their creativity better and to the fullest after applying the method to their lives and situations.

I have been practicing and applying the method almost daily since November 2017.



Instructor and Coach of Neurographica®

I graduated from the Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute as a pediatrician. I worked as a pediatrician and, in addition, taught at the medical school. In the United States, I graduated from the school of Acupuncture. I currently specialize in allergy testing and treatment. My whole life I have been involved in various types of art such as knitting, sewing, cross-stitching, and decoupage. I became involved with Neurographica® in 2017 and graduated as an instructor/coach in 2018. I fell in love with this method at first sight. My goals are to continue developing this magic method and to design various modules and methods. I want to share this method in the USA to give people an opportunity to learn and become a part of this magnificent, positive, and wonderful creative outlet. I teach group and individual classes on all NG algorithms. And also I present my personal programs: Neuromandala- Positive Transformation of Life and Neurographica® painting on glass.

Lana Shalom.jpg


Aesthetic Coach/Instructor in NeuroGraphic Art

Lana has a degree in Psychology and Special Education and has been practicing in the field of Special and Bilingual Education for the past 20 years. Lana has founded a number of various educational programs for the children and adults, such as learning nutrition for kids through the fun of cooking, specialized program to prepare children for G&T programs, Torah Godly play – where children learn about the Bible stories through sand play; etc. Lana resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 5 children. Lana has discovered Neurographica in January 2017 and right away realized what a magical tool it is to use to recover and rediscover one’s soul and creative outlet. This creative Transformational Art Technique gave Lana the necessary tools and procedures to transform one’s inner self and outer world, as well as discover the inner artist within. With Neurographica, Lana has been enchanting her family members and friends with Magical stories of transformation, personal achievements, and the tales of traveling around the world. In April 2018, Lana founded MONGA – Magic of NeuroGraphic Art, and since then she has been engaging her family, friends, and followers with teachings on how to emulate one of G-d’s attributes and become a Creator oneself. Currently, Lana is in the process of developing programs that explore the beauty of Tanach – Bible stories from Torah, the Energy of Alef-Bet (the letters of Creation), basics of Kabbalah, and the Tree of Life – Sefirot, through the Magic of the of NeuroGraphic Art. Join me on the road to self-discovery, and discover the Magic within you!

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Neurogrsphica Sprcialists

Certified Neurographica Specialist; M.A. Communications & Counseling; B.A. psychology & studio arts. I have Managed a Court-Placed-Teen Shelter and a Women in Transition Career Center. Currently, I offer my Neuro Chakra Art program to seniors, through private counseling, and in social media as NEW WAYS TRANSFORMATION ART. 

I am age 85 years, a practicing Buddhist for thirty years, living near Portland, Oregon, USA. I find that the practice of Neurographica combined with my Chakra studies & counseling background are attractive ways to support good health, heal past trauma, meet new friends & enjoy a genuine love for life. 


Charles Lai

Neurogrsphica Sprcialists

Charles spent his earlier part of his life chasing a career in the high tech industry for a number of years; before deciding to answer a higher calling by focusing on human behaviors, mental wellness, and returning to his creative roots. His educational background includes a Masters in Guidance and Counselling, a Bachelors of Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science. He is a fully qualified Counsellor in Singapore where he currently resides, with some training in Art Therapy techniques which he uses extensively during his counseling sessions. He has recently decided to put his counseling practice aside in favor of becoming a Therapeutic Coach.  He is a fervent Buddhist practitioner for over 30 years, who also is certified as an Advanced Practitioner in Longevitology. Additionally, he is also a closet artist.

Anna Romanenko.PNG

Anna Romanenko

Aesthetic Coach/Instructor in NeuroGraphic Art

Anna Romanenko is a Neurographica Instructor, Aesthetic Coach, Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator, Healer, Reiki Master, Kolaimni instructor, woodcarver, artist and teacher. Anna is the owner and founder of Healing Art LLC. She lives and works in Seattle area, but most of her time is spent teaching online classes for English and Russian students.  More information about her at

Neurographica is a great tool to transform your suffering and limitations into something beautiful and inspiring. We can unleash your inner potential and create a positive reality! I was personally looking for a method that does not require talking much. With Neurographica, I can recognize very deep feelings in drawings. We can understand each other with few words and I see it gives my clients comfort and support. I want to emphasize that Neurographica is a simple and very gentle method, but it allows going deep. I love to integrate Neurographica with different methods. It really helps to visualize complex ideas and situations and see the best solution.

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