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The Theory of removal of limitations




The amount of energy that we are able to accept and express in the outside world determines the size of our personality, our magnetism and charisma, the conscious and unconscious impact on the environment, and our status. The “Principle of Action” explains what happens to the psychic energy of the absolute at each level of consciousness and how we can influence the amount of energy entering the “here and now”.

At the very bottom of the Pyramid of consciousness lies the energy of the whole, or the divine - it is concentrated here completely and occupies the entire volume of living space. Energy emerges from the absolute with one hundred percent potential and, whole and indivisible, flows in all directions, not stopping for a second. However, on the way to the point “here and now” - the point of our presence, the border of the external and internal worlds, its constant losses occur. Awareness of where and how we block and lose energy will allow us to open access to the maximum realization of our potential.

The first decay and the first energy loss occurs at the element’s level. How does this happen?

According to the Chinese theory of elements of U-Sin, a person does not have friendly relations with each of them. By the nature of things out of the five elements, only three are human friendly, and two are not. There is an analogy with seasonality (among the Chinese, the seasons are different from the European - they distinguish five periods): three seasons are comfortable for a person, they are full of strength and energy in them, and in two - there is a lack of energy and are required additional forces to overcome the “bad weather” that manifests itself in life.

So, for example, those who were born in the winter will feel great in the winter and worse in the summer; born in the summer - on the contrary; those born in the fall - spring is less resourceful; and for the "spring" people - autumn. This is the first amendment to how the energy coming from the absolute correlates with our constitution and with the period in which we live now.

The next step is the implementation of the “principle of action” at the archetype level. Each of us has archetypes that are integrated, accepted, and familiar. But there are also those who are suppressed, rejected, and unknown. At the unconscious level, we are trying to suppress the manifestation of the latter and spend some of our psychic energy on resisting any rise from the depths of the unconscious.

At the egregore level, our consciousness breaks up into an even greater number of elements according to the national, ethnic, political and other principles. We, often without realizing it, reject those who are not like us - “others” in culture, religion, racial affiliation. This is how wars begin - whites and blacks, Muslims and Christians, Protestants and Catholics, “left” and “right”, natives and newcomers, and so on.

There are many signs by which we can separate ourselves from others. And with each separation, each interaction, we again and again lose energy. If we are not able to accept the other as ourselves, to allow the possibility of his existence, to let him through to us, to use for the good, we split our mental energy at the level of a huge number of information and communication layers.

At the level of personal experiences, we continue to separate the “I” from the “not I”, evaluating life events as good or bad, identifying with everything positive in our life and, on the contrary, identifying with everything negative, rejecting and displacing negative beyond the limits of one’s "I".

We divide people into those we like and those we don’t like, those whom we want to see and those whom we don’t want to see. If someone hurt us, we cross out a person from our lives, we reject him, trying to prevent the recurrence of such situations, cutting off any possibility of such stories happening again.

If in childhood we learned that “men are unreliable,” we will continue to live with this attitude, implicitly expecting a trick from every member of this sex that has appeared in our lives.

If a young pretty lady first showed us a sign of attention, and then disappeared, grabbing our wallet, we expect the next girl to be the same, and bypass all those who even remotely remind us of her image, not wanting to repeat a traumatic situation.

With each new wall that we build, we cut ourselves off more and more from the source of energy, and do not let it pass through ourselves. We spend energy on suppressing, crowding out, and not manifesting itself - because we simply don’t know how to use this energy if we allow it to enter us.

At the level of operational consciousness, we also continue to share and evaluate. We are full of knowledge about what is good and what is bad: a person who is late for a meeting is bad; the car splashed water - bad; it began to rain - bad; ran out of money - bad, etc.

Thus, releasing energy on each of the levels, we come to the conclusion that as a result, only a small fraction reaches us from the absolute and comprehensive strength of the foundation in the “here and now”. We get exactly as much energy as we need to be able to somehow maintain the body in an acceptable state, somehow make ourselves work and carry out the planned actions, somehow multiply and maintain the level of social activity.

Over the years, we are increasingly focusing on ourselves, separating ourselves from others; as a result, the less we identify with the fact that “not I”, the less energy comes. Along with the loss of energy that happens over the years, our associations and prejudices about things are growing.

At some point, the amount of incoming energy becomes so insignificant that we are no longer capable of anything - neither to create, nor to love, or to live. From a person with powerful potential, one turns into a frail and weak individual; over the years, only exacerbating this situation, drying up and dying.

Given the above, it can be said that a person is faced with the task of providing himself with energy in the person’s continuous striving for individuation, that is, the realization of his potential in the “here and now”.

To achieve maximum potential, on the one hand, it is important to rely on the positive and constantly expand this channel, on the other hand, it is important to realize and “to work out” the existing negative (in other words, neutralize the shadow).

There are many methods with which you can bring a shadow to the light. Summarizing, they can be divided into two types:

1) integrative - they allow us to work with something big existing in the “above-I”;

2) point - to highlight fragments in the consciousness, so that later, through awareness and reframing, we come to transformation.

It is important that a person can master the mechanisms of change and be able to translate the negative into positive at all levels of consciousness. So, every successful session of therapeutic work on the release of energy-informational elements adds to us “empty, free cells”, which the absolute energy can fill, leading us to “here and now”, into a state of effective interaction with the environment.

At the intelligence level, divine energy is manifested in the form of interest. If the intellect is in a state of interest, then the person is in connection with the absolute.

On an emotional level, she is embodied in a state of love and joy. That is, all sources of these feelings are inside a person: you cannot force a person to love something outside if he does not have access to it inside.

At the level of the body, divine energy manifests itself in the form of relaxation and warmth. Body coldness and stress indicate a lack of access to it.

It is important to understand this in order to get an idea of ​​what constitutes limitations for a person. Everything that a person has inside corresponds to him according to the principle of similarity, that is, in the current moment, each person has an idea of ​​himself.

A person at the level of the actual can be identical in scale to the whole, to the self, that is, to manifest all the properties of a single passing through itself the entire volume of divine energy. Such a person has a very clean matrix of consciousness and there are practically no internal conflicts (in other words, minuses).

Where there is a minus (internal conflict), energy and love do not pass, and people try to avoid what causes them to associate.

Cons strive for implementation, but for energy to go through a person in full, they must be translated into pros. A person strives for full realization and at the same time constantly faces the fact that something is going wrong, not realizing that it is important to find and consolidate a positive attitude towards everything that is a minus. Only when the minus is turned into a plus does access to additional energy reservoirs open.

Each person would like to be more effective, to achieve much. But he manages to do just as much a day as events that he is able to fill with energy to the extent that they begin to happen themselves and do not have to achieve their strength. And for this it is necessary that a person receives a lot of energy from the level of the self and that in his spiritual volume he is able to absorb the amount of energy that corresponds to his plans and dreams, and the more the better. 

What is required for a personality to grow on its own scale? The transformation of minuses into pluses is necessary. That is, a person should direct all his aggression inside himself, and not on the reasons that, as he believes, impede the achievement of his goals and lie outside.

What are the cons in outer life? These are projections of a person’s internal minuses: if, for example, in the outside world he is afraid of people of a certain type, this means that he has a whole set of negative ideas about them inside. And the problem is that people most often do not notice these projections, perceiving them as a natural part of life. And when something good happens, a person deliberately directs his attention to the minuses, and does not enjoy life. Cons are artificially formed by man, because they represent his attitude to what is happening. After all, there is always a choice how to perceive what happened. And any assessment, including a negative one, is a choice. The study of the Pyramid of Consciousness and the search for the layer where the roots of the minuses are located is an intellectual study of the inner world. And if a person, opening up access to any negative, is able to transform it, then he receives a huge resource of forces.

So, within us there are four levels of being: individual, personal, collective and self. External reality can also be divided into similar four levels.

The individual level is located in the awareness of what is harmful right now. The individual level in the Pyramid is a relevant and operational consciousness; outside - this is exactly what “prevents you from living” right now. This level gives us a certain social success or, conversely, failure. From it one can draw resources for research and improvement of oneself. If right now we don’t like something, then there is an operational, or relevant, explainable reason. And having solved this problem, we immediately release energy and purify the corresponding level inside.

The personal level is manifested when we consider something impossible, uninteresting, frightening, and intuitively unpleasant. All these are disadvantages that do not allow us to be realized in external life and which we try not to notice and bypass. But no matter how hard we try, as soon as we encounter them outside, these minuses immediately strain inside.

Personal growth is a repetition of the same problems at different levels of being. And if a person avoids a negative event, does not transform it, then it repeats itself at a larger level. The scale of the repeat is proportional to the energy that a person spends on counteracting it, because it is a struggle with reality. A person thinks: “Oh, I was right, it’s really dangerous,” and then makes even more efforts to avoid this in the future. But as a result, that only makes it worse, since it directs the divine energy given from birth not for further development, but to struggle with reality. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the event with the indicators, which he is so eager to avoid, will certainly happen, but will be on a larger scale than before.

Fear is not divine energy. A person with fear lives on the basis of the ego, not the essence. And the body responds to this - it starts to hurt where it contracted during the first injury.

What to do? How to remove all these restrictions? We already understand that limitations are cons. This means that the removal of restrictions is a different kind of technology that we use to transform minus into plus. For what? To gain access to the energy of love, to divine energy, or to the self.

The theory of lifting restrictions is based on the fact that we should not look for a cause for the struggle outside, but inside ourselves. This is such a set of measures that combines a huge number of events - externally (according to information indicators) they may not be connected at all, but they have the same location in the body and are very strongly connected. Therefore, with the removal of restrictions, we work through integral indicators: thoughts, feelings, sensations of the body - and at the same time we model reality. Our main task is to build reality in external life.

The task of any person is to expand themselves to the extent that everything becomes possible, while having acquired such purity that the body is freed from all spiritual slag. Let's find out how to do it.

It is necessary to build events on the emotional principle - to create an image of a future event and begin to saturate it with a state of love and harmony. It is interesting that the stronger the challenge, the larger the target, and the stronger the resistance, since absolutely all the minuses of the level involved are strained inside.

If we want to penetrate deep inside ourselves and identify a large set of problems that limit our access to energy, then we must set great goals - they reveal the problems of the impossible and our limitations.

You can work with them in different directions. Our Institute ("Institute of Psychology of Creativity of Pavel Piskaryov." - author’s note), has three areas: analytical, aesthetic and psychosomatic coaching, which are the three ways of working with the resistance. Neurographica is considered to be on the aesthetic level, as it is connected with feelings - and, of course, it contains a certain algorithm for removing inner restrictions and constraints. 

The basic neurographic algorithm (Piskaryov’s algorithm) is designed so that, working with it, completely pass it through all the levels of the Pyramid of consciousness. In neurographica, as soon as the goal is set - some task of the impossible, one begins to work through the senses and through the body - so as to go in drawing to the very bottom, to the most divine level of energy.  My mission is to give a person the opportunity to touch the divine energy - I create everything for this specific reason. 

Having gained access to the self, a person builds everything that he wants in the outside world. Setting oneself on the goal, a person works out the many minuses that lie between the current consciousness and the self.

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