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Specifications: Weight: 420 g Format: 164 x 212 mm Binding: Softcover Number of pages: 224

NeuroGraphica | Algorithm for removing limitations


    We all desire love and harmony, abundance and a comfortable life, the realization of our talents and recognition, success in our endeavors, the opportunity to travel — we all want happiness.
    This book, dear readers, will give you the key to fulfilling your desires — it will introduce you to a set of tools, an innovative method that I have called NeuroGraphica.

    I dare to assert that, after reading this book, you will truly fall in love with drawing — because you will be amazed to discover that with the help of drawing, the main tasks of life can resolve themselves.

    — It's a miracle! — you will exclaim.

    Yes! It is a miracle! And you create it with your own hands.

    NeuroGraphica is a creative method of transforming the world. In this book, you will learn what it is and what can be achieved with its help. And very soon, a simple marker will become an indispensable tool in transforming your own life.


    Pavel Piskarev

    Author of the book

    NeuroGraphica is a psychological method of the 21st century that rightfully claims to be the most powerful psychotechnology in the world for solving problems.

    Let me explain. We live in an extraordinary time, marked by high levels of stress and abundant opportunities. Humanity has gained access to an enormous amount of information. However, it is evident that we struggle to keep up with its flow. That is why modern individuals need a system to describe the world that simplifies communication, allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings, and states clearly, concisely, and beautifully. NeuroGraphica is a simple and accessible graphical language for describing the world. It is easy to learn and pleasant to use.

    NeuroGraphica is a tool that will help everyone find the answer to one of the most important questions in our lives (I once asked myself the same question): how to achieve that desired, complete freedom that a person needs? What can we do to truly feel free? How can we create and still remain a normal person: interact with society, raise children, love our spouse, create conditions for life and communication? All my motivations have converged in this method...

    Since its inception, NeuroGraphica has proven to be a universal tool for solving practical problems of varying complexity: improving communication, achieving harmony, building a business, coping with illness, mobilizing strength, organizing life harmoniously, and growing spiritually — these and other positive changes you can bring into your life with its help.


    This method is based on the practice of drawing, combined with the actual tasks of the drawer. 

    It allows you to tap into the limitless potential of your higher self here and now and use its energy to achieve your goals, awaken hidden strengths, and mobilize untapped resources. So let's do it together!

    And know that your success and the quality of your life depend on the number of lines that come from your hand. 

    Sometimes I ask myself, "How do I manage everything?" and I don't find an answer. I don't know how it happens. I only know that I love living, I love creating new things, I love drawing. And all new things somehow grow out of what already exists in our lives — the main thing is to find it, see it, feel it. And I search — I constantly search and find: revelations come to me, which I use to create.

    I was introduced to meditation when I was fourteen. I became fascinated by it, incorporated it into my system, and since then, so to speak, I have been consciously "plugged into the search". But now, when I think back to that time, it seems to me that I started this path much earlier — perhaps even before my birth. And maybe NeuroGraphica, which burst into my life, is a reflection of destiny, a mission for which I came into this world.

    download (1).jpg

    NeuroGraphica was born on April 29, 2014, when I was flying from Moscow to Israel, to Ben Gurion Airport. In the sky over Jerusalem, high above the clouds, in a half-sleep, I heard this word in my head. The birth of NeuroGraphica itself is miraculous. But the fact that in five years it has become the fastest-growing psychological method in the world now seems like real magic to me.

    After all, if you delve into the history of psychology as a whole, study it, analyze it, you can conclude that establishing this concept in the human mind should have been a complex and even painful process. But in this case, everything comes together as in some kind of utopia: NeuroGraphica finds a reflection in people's hearts, easily penetrating their minds, merging with their lives. And it is amazing. And wonderful.

    NeuroGraphica is a psychological method of the 21st century that rightfully claims to be the most powerful psychotechnology in the world for solving problems.

    Reviews of the book

    Anna Monosova 

    Neuropsychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Founder of the "Health Psychology" project 

    In my opinion, Pavel Piskarev's great merit as an author lies in creating a way for everyone, including non-artists, non-philosophers, and non-meditation specialists, to realize their dreams. All you need to do is take a marker in your hand and start drawing! And this book is a real gift for those who have decided to try to do it on their own.

    V.V. Kozlov 

    Professor, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, President of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Founder of a scientific school, Author of more than 100 books and monographs 

    NeuroGraphica is a new word and phenomenon of the third millennium. A smart, bold, and aesthetically precise word! I observe how NeuroGraphica is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia and far beyond. It is pleasing to note that the author invites people to practice and to a deep, thoughtful approach to modern psychological science

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