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Why is Neurographica® so popular?

Why is Neurographica® so popular?

Why has Neurographica® achieved such widespread popularity?

Most likely because it is a form of creative manual labour. Manual labour is becoming increasingly unusual in this day and age, when virtually everything, including writing, is being done by machines. The future of the planet is at stake. Artificial intelligence is growing in strength and spread. The human race is fading into the background. What's interesting, however, is this: A real neurographic line can't be calculated or created by a machine or artificial intelligence. So, the future can't go on without people. It is also critical that fine motor skills develop the cerebral cortex, which plays the most important role in the human body and life. Now, which requires more hand motor skills: text typed on a laptop keyboard or handwritten text? Fine motor skills are directly linked to the brain and help to form higher mental functions. Teach a monkey to write, and it will surpass the development of a human. People's lives have been made a lot easier thanks to technological advancements. It appears to be beneficial. However, development begins to slow as a result of this. When something is missing in one's life, he or she becomes driven to seek it out. So, why would someone bother moving their body or, more importantly, their brain when everything is readily available and extremely convenient? Neurographica® is a calligraphy technique. To begin, it has its own graphic language – a comprehensive collection of terms, definitions, and rules. Second, the aesthetics and subtlety of human experiences play an important role in it. Drawing Neurographica® allows people to create a new reality based on their own desires. They are creators. They are free of anxieties and neuroses. Indeed, our Algorithm for Removing Limitations easily handles them and assists in achieving harmony with oneself and the world around us. Needless to say, those who have mastered all the Instructor Course techniques can be referred to as wizards. More than one round of the exhibition "Neurographica® of the World" has already taken place in the last two years. The works of Neurographica® artists have conquered the world of traditional art. What else could explain the growing popularity of Neurographica®? Because it effectively conveys human emotions, feelings, and experiences visually. It can also bring something visible out of the void. It can spread to one person or a lot of people. It does not, like classical art, provide ready-made solutions. No one can predict what will happen until the very last second in Neurographica®. Instead, it can shine a light into the darkest recesses of a person's mind, where solutions and opportunities can be found.

Denis Diderot (the Age of Enlightenment): If a country teaches its children to draw as much as it teaches them to count, read, and write, it will outperform all other nations in science, art, and craftsmanship.

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