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What Neurographica® can do. Part II

What Neurographica® can do

The possibilities of Neurographica® in different areas of human life.

Change other people

When someone begins to engage in transformational practises regularly, their thinking and behaviour change. This is followed by a shift in his surroundings. For many people, he becomes unwelcome and wrong, and he perceives those people as "narrow-minded" in return.

Breaking up with people who were once close to you but are no longer close can be a painful experience. The Algorithm for Removing Limitations (ARL) and the NeuroMandala Algorithm can help with this. The former aids in the removal of specific limitations, whereas the latter aids in the formation of inner harmony.

Often, our environment changes in response to our changing attitudes toward it. For instance, I want my son to succeed. This means that I now regard him as a failure. This means I will have to change my perspective on my son and learn to see him as successful.

We can not change our surroundings. Everyone gets to decide how they want to live their lives. But we can change the way we think about our surroundings. Then some people simply vanish, while others are transformed. It is a natural occurrence.

When we want to help others, it is important to remember that we can only help the person who has asked for our assistance. Otherwise, it is an uninvited influence, i.e. one that is neither requested nor asked for. This is contrary to professional ethics.

If I do not like something or someone, it is usually because of something sharp that exists within my mind. So, no matter how hard we try, it can be difficult to make a good impression of it. It is the sharpness of the impression that interferes. This can be seen in a drawing as sharp angles in lines.

On the contrary, we sometimes need to spice things up, such as with someone who has an overly soft personality. Hatching can help in this situation, and the attitudes of those around you will change as well. Hatching makes a person more agitated. However, it is critical to remember safety precautions. After all, hatching is a sharp shape that must be handled with a lot of caution and care. Hatching should only be used by people who are skilled at controlling their inner state.

Understand your destination

Nowadays, there are a variety of methods for learning what your destination is. Even so, the fact that you are still looking for it indicates that you have not found it yet. Besides, you have some limitations, but these can be effectively removed with the help of the ARL. It could be a full-fledged case.

Your destination is already set in stone. It is not in our immediate surroundings, but rather deep within our unconscious. When the constraints are removed, it is possible to see the ease and aesthetics of the drawing, and the Algorithm for Revealing Intentions can be used further. It can help you feel where to look or even give you answers. It varies from person to person.

In any circumstance, when the subject gives you a warm feeling and is charged with energy, answers come easily and results are achieved.

According to the Goal-Achievement-Result Algorithm and the NeuroTimeline, achievements and results are good to work with. They bring to the surface the soul's content and the individual's personality.

Strengthen the neural circuit that comes from outside resources

Some users wonder if they can listen to or watch something while drawing. We can not tell others what is best or worst for them. Everyone's situation is unique.

The quality of the result in Neurographica® is determined by the feelings felt at the end of the work. In other words, the quality of our impressions of a given subject is determined by the quality of the drawing. When you enjoy the work, your brain interprets this as a signal to bring the subject at hand to life. If negative thoughts and feelings persist, this indicates that not all constraints have been removed.

So, if what you are listening to at the moment of drawing to some music that you like adds to your joy, and you are in a flow of high energy, you are welcome to keep listening to it. This is advantageous to you because what you hear during the neurographic drawing process is woven into your neural circuit.

Reveal a bunch of associations

"20 words in 2 minutes" is a pre-drawing exercise that activates neurons associated with the designated subject. After that, it is no longer necessary to recall the subject in an overtly emphasized manner. On the contrary, it is even beneficial to allow the associations to develop. What does it imply for me? What does it have to do with the subject? It has the potential to be very interesting. This is how some of the most unexpected insights emerge.

The activated neural connections are then transferred to the paper following the pre-drawing exercise. Then we start making new connections, which leads to unexpected solutions. Now, neither our mindset nor current thoughts matter. What matters is that one observes one's state. That is what you must keep.

Learn how to feel and understand yourself

Neurographica® is a way to control your impressions. Our feelings, emotions, and thoughts all have a significant impact on how our lives unfold. We sometimes expect others to understand us, but we do not always understand ourselves. Oh, no! My leg hurts! - What is the reason for this? What is the point?

In this sense, Neurographica® teaches us to be aware of ourselves and guides us toward self-awareness. During the drawing process, we pay attention to three areas: the body, the soul, and the intellect (feelings, emotions, and thoughts/vision).

Occasionally, the issue is that the more educated a person is, the more in control he or she is. However, that same person may have no idea what he wants or how he feels. So much control stops them from being who they are. Besides, it is even said that some emotions are harmful. Consider the emotion of rage. One will go to any length to avoid or suppress this feeling. This, in turn, leads to a variety of diseases.

Neurographica® proposes that while drawing, we observe ourselves, our bodies and feelings, our thoughts and emotions. Gradually, we begin to understand what is going on inside us. Neurographica® sessions assist us in opening up.

Being aware of how you feel and living it honestly entails opening up. More and more self-confidence begins to play a role as time passes. The door opens to a vast ocean of emotions and experiences. Life becomes a kaleidoscope of new experiences. Well, it is much easier to choose which feelings to live through and which to let go of or transform once you have learned to understand yourself.

Touch the self, the absolute

The basic algorithm of Neurographica® is designed in such a way that each successive step of the algorithm allows you to delve deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. All the way down to the level of the self, the absolute.

Love is a bottom-up phenomenon. It can be found on the Pyramid of Consciousness. The absolute bestows enormous amounts of love and energy on each of us. However, due to some limitations, we are unable to allow this to completely pass through us. In these places, negative emotions and feelings arise.

Through drawing, Neurographica® allows you to experience the energy of the self, the love of the absolute. This is the point of the algorithm - field lines. Field lines are force lines. They are also known as soul lines. They are the energy lines of a very deep level.

The ego dissolves during this stage of painting. There is a sense of tranquillity; the soul descends into the depths. If you encounter any resistance, it is a sign that your ego is preventing you from fully merging with the divine ocean of energy. It is similar to how the sea behaves. The closer you get to the surface, the more exciting it becomes. The deeper it goes, the more tranquil it becomes.

We gain a better understanding of the depth of consciousness and being by connecting with the absolute through the use of field lines. This is a whole new level and quality of life.

Reach your goals

Goals are something that everyone has. Some people have very practical goals, such as sitting on the sofa for the rest of their lives. Others have lofty, large, far-reaching goals. Some objectives necessitate a significant investment of time and resources, whereas others do not.

A case is a concept in Neurographica® where we draw several drawings on the same subject until the result is achieved. What is most intriguing about this is that we do not have to remember where we left off, or what we did the last time, or where to begin now. As we make strong connections between neurons, they start to understand everything that is going on around them.

Many newcomers are curious about how our dreams come true. Consider a cardiogram. When a doctor looks at this curved line, he or she can tell whether the patient has a problem or is completely healthy. Breathing lines can be used to control the lungs. You have control over your heart and blood pressure. Managers make charts of how well a company did at making things, so they can change the whole way a company works based on the charts. And the like. In other words, based on the appearance of the line, one can adjust something to improve it.

Lines can also be used to track and adjust the brain and a single thought. The brain operates at five different frequencies: alpha, gamma, beta, delta, and theta. We can represent any frequency with a neurographic line. Add movement or make things calmer.

The neurographic line is in charge of thought. The term "neuro" refers to the brain. The more neurographic lines we draw on a certain subject, the faster and more effectively we will reach our goal, or desired outcome, in the end.

Drawing Neurographica® is an art form that teaches people how to package their dreams to make them come true. Meditation schools assist people in accessing their subconscious minds. Sometimes it takes a long time to succeed in this endeavour. We do it with an algorithm, so the first drawing can have a lot of depth. That takes a couple of hours (everyone's situation is different).

Neurographica® is a project management practice. It is beneficial in achieving a variety of goals. While drawing one subject, it is not uncommon for ideas for other subjects to emerge. There are always additional options available to you. They are worth writing down so that you can refer to them later. That is why they are in the case.

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