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How to work with goals in Neurographica®. Part 5

How to work with goals in Neurographica®. Part 5

The greater the goal, the greater the effort required to achieve it. You can, however, get more results. This is a worthwhile endeavour. Unlike some other aids, Neurographica® does not discard previous intermediate results. To achieve a goal through meditative visualisation, for example, you must practise the technique several times a day in short sessions. A twenty-one-day minimum period is required. However, if a person fails to visualise the goal and stops or does so irregularly, there will be no result. We'll have to start from scratch. The difference with Neurographica® is that once you've finished the session, you'll still have your drawings: these are very true and tangible images of the goal you want to achieve. Fortunately, even if you stop drawing for a week or two and then return, your first or even only one drawing will still be functional. Not as quickly as you'd like, but small or slightly noticeable changes will anyway begin to appear. Another advantage of neurographic drawing is that it is highly visual: the method comes hand in hand with the habit of watching one's sensations while drawing.

Sunny Person Neurographic technique

Someone with a strong inner content will have an easier time enduring lengthy sessions and waiting for desired results. There is a Neurographica® technique that can help you develop charisma. Want to know more about it? Let's take a look at it in more detail. It's known as the Sunny Person.

To get the best results from this practice, you need to know exactly when you want them to happen. Define the purpose of the drawing, just as you would with any other neurographic technique. What exactly is your mission? What are your objectives? Or what do you want to grow into?

This drawing has a radial composition. Charisma does not take a single path. When it flows, it does so simultaneously in all directions.

What brings you joy? People, situations, opportunities, anything else? You'll need opportunities to make your dreams come true. Will you be happy if you have to rely on them? You'll have to devote all of your time to look for these opportunities. Plus, if the thinking falls short, it becomes a hell of a job. Then one begins to believe that development is difficult and even impossible.

What is the function of Neurographica®? It equips us with the tools necessary to create the opportunities we require. It isn't a magic wand. Here, everything comes from rigorous science and the rules of being. What is the Sunny Person technique all about? This is where we create the possibilities we require within ourselves. Indeed, where will something escape from me if it is already a part of me? Nowhere.

You may develop a strong resistance within you. This is completely normal. We are so much accustomed to our personalities that changing them becomes increasingly difficult as we grow older. Some people want to spend a lot of time in nature doing meditative practises during the summer. In reality, however, they do not do so. Why? Mosquitoes are a nuisance. The ego feels a strong pull due to pressure from the outside world, which causes resistance to drawing. So, when your ego loses control of something, a riot ensues. This is pure resistance. The basic algorithm of Neurographica® leads us through any neurographic practice in such a way that our ego dissolves into the Self and draws energy from there at some point. When the ego realises it has no control over anything in the Self, it begins to doubt. As a result, there is opposition. The ego aspires to have complete control over everything and everyone. The paradox is that opportunities are bestowed upon us from above, from a place where we have no control. To be able to get outside help, one must have a strong connection with the Self or the Absolute, or God (or whatever name you want to give it). Then, one can get advice about what to do in the outside world from the very core of their being.

Happiness, according to Omar Khayyam, is like being intoxicated by good wine. When you can taste both the wonderful taste of wine and the inner joy it brings. The good news is that you can achieve the same results without using wine or other stimulants. This is where charisma emerges: when one begins to feel the joy of life and enjoy the moment in the context of one's goals. In the Sunny Person technique, we draw exactly this.

The result is about making the room for happiness increasingly bigger.

The way we live reflects how much happiness we are capable of embracing.

Pavel Mikhailovich Piskarev

How to amplify the effects of completed projects

Is it possible to bring out even more value from already completed projects? This is possible in Neurographica®. The best way to deal with time is to use the NeuroTiming algorithm. It contains a wealth of best practices for dealing with both future and past challenges. By working with the stars in the NeuroGoal algorithm, we can set ourselves the level of happiness we want to experience from a particular event. Even if those events are long gone.

Remember any projects or situations where everything appeared to be going well and exactly how you wanted it, but you weren't satisfied. For example, suppose you've just purchased a long-awaited flat. So, what's the point? It's yours! You're the one who owns the place! But where is your delight in that?

Consider a few of these scenarios and assign a level of excitement that you wish you had at the time they occurred. Enjoy it in retrospect. Furthermore, if you accept the idea that a person's soul can exist outside of time and space, you may find yourself rejoicing in the past. Even more so, your life may open up to you from that point forward from a completely different perspective. Then life in the future will take on a different hue.

This technique allows you to deal with any unfinished moments that may exist. You can bring everything to a close. This frees up energy for later life joy by removing the feelings of futility associated with the actions performed in your inner space. Everything in our lives that does not provide us with a sense of happiness should be removed from them. That is, to finish it in a way that makes us happy. This is the technique's essence. Rather than being a source of pain, a traumatic event should be viewed as a lack of joy. It is simpler to cure it in this case. Sure, Neurographica®, is not a treatment. It's critical to keep this in mind. But you will still be able to feel happy and connected to the supreme, which is your true Self. This in turn aligns all other facets of your life. That's why people love holidays. It's because fireworks, both big city fireworks and homemade tabletop confetti, let you forget about the stress of everyday life and just enjoy the moment.

Do you want to learn to create your joy from each of your projects, actions, and situations rather than relying on circumstances? Draw fireworks. Make sure you do it right. There is one sharp, literally, feature in this technique. Knowing how to deal with it will assist you in avoiding many difficulties in life and will prevent you from creating them for yourself. The Neurographica® Instructor course reveals the secrets of the method that you won't hear about in public classes and allows you to make your drawings as effective as possible in getting the results you want.

We wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

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