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Neurographica Instructor Rights  

About Neurographica Instructor Rights

NeuroGraphica Instructors have the most the fullest spectrum of rights in the application of NeuroGraphica in their professional practice, subject to the copyright obligation to use the method.

Instructor Rights:
1. Teach any of the 9 NeuroGraphics algorithms in a standard form (as taught in the course);

2. Provide official certificates of the Institute to their students;

3. Create your own training programs based on NeuroGraphica;

4. To use the word "NeuroGraphica" in the name of your school and in your promotion.


You can call yourself a NeuroGraphica Instructor 2022-2023 from the very start of your studies. The opportunity to teach (and profit from it) becomes available as soon as you pass the first exam (on the NeuroGraphica Basic User module). 

Further - as you go through the algorithms (does not include the right to teach the Specialist program). The possibility to teach is available to the Instructor at the rank of

Trainee from the beginning of the course to the completion of the Diploma work.


Additional opportunities for NeuroGraphica Instructor:


1. To receive the rank of Supervisor of the Psychology of Creativity Institute, by re-join the next Instructor course as a Supervisor, and upgrading your skills and competencies in mastering the method.


2. From the moment you enroll in the course, you can already receive an Instructor's 25% discount for other programs of the Psychology of Creativity Institute ( BoGoban, NeuroDesing, Pyramid of Development, NeuroPlastica, etc.)

3. Take part in Institute Conferences, open events, and build your publicity with the help of the Institute's resources.

Note: only by completing the Instructor's Course can you qualify to teach a certified NeuroGraphica Specialist Professional course for your clients.

After the Instructor's certification according to fundamental norms of Instructor course, and required completion of additional qualification norms ( getting the  NeuroGraphica Supervisor status, submitting supervisions, video-supervisions, client cases, and so on - according to the list of current requirements at the time of applying to teach the Specialist course).

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