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Neurographica Instructor Rights  

About Neurographica Instructor Rights

NeuroGraphica Instructors possess the broadest range of rights for applying NeuroGraphica in their professional practice, while adhering to the copyright obligation associated with the method.

Instructor Rights:
1. Teach any of the 9 NeuroGraphica algorithms in their standard form (as instructed in the course);

2. Issue official certificates from the Institute to their students;

3. Develop customised training programmes based on NeuroGraphica;

4. Use the term "NeuroGraphica" in the name of their school and in promotional materials.


You can call yourself a NeuroGraphica Instructor Trainee right from the beginning of your studies. The chance to teach and profit from it arises upon successfully passing the first certification, the NeuroGraphica Basic User Module. Trainee Instructors gain the opportunity to teach the Basic User Course and NeuroComposition after completing the intermediate certification up to the Diploma work.


Additional opportunities for NeuroGraphica Instructors:


1. Receive the rank of Psychology of Creativity Institute Supervisor, by rejoining the next Instructor course as a Supervisor, and upgrading your skills and competencies in mastering the method;

2. Take part in Institute Conferences, open events, and build your publicity with the help of the Institute's resources.


Please note that the certified Instructor doesn’t have the right to teach the Specialist course.

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