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Introduction in Neurographica®

We all want love and harmony, prosperity and a comfortable life, the realization of our talents and recognition, success in our endeavors, and the opportunity to travel - basically we all want happiness.


This book, dear readers, will give you the key to fulfilling your wishes - it will tell you about a set of tools, an innovative method that I called Neurographica. 


I undertake to assert that when you read this book, you will really enjoy drawing - because you will be surprised to discover that with the help of drawing, the main tasks of life can be solved by themselves.

- This is a miracle! - you will exclaim.

Yes! This is a miracle! And you conduct it yourself.

Neurographica is a creative method of transforming the world. In this book you will learn about what it is and what you can achieve with it. And very soon, an ordinary marker for you will become an indispensable assistant in the transformation of your own life (Illustration 1).


Neurographics is a psychological method of the 21st century, which rightfully claims to be called the world's most powerful psychotechnology for solving problems.


I will explain. We live in an amazing time in terms of tension and abundance of opportunities. Mankind has gained access to a huge amount of information. However, the fact that we do not have time to cope with this flow is obvious. That is why a modern person needs a world description system that will simplify communication, provide an opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings, and state it in a clear, concise, capacious and beautiful way.

Neurographics is a simple and accessible graphic language for describing the world. It is easy to learn, and it is pleasant to use.


Neurographics is a tool that will help everyone find the answer to one of the main questions of our life (I myself once asked it myself): how to find the very, desired, complete freedom that a person needs? What to do to feel really free? How to create and at the same time remain an average person: interact with society, raise children, love one’s spouse, create conditions for life and communication.

All my motives agreed on this method …


Since its inception, neurographics has proven to be a universal tool for solving applied problems of various levels of complexity: to establish communication, to achieve harmony, to build a business, to cope with an illness, to mobilize strength, to harmoniously organize life and to grow spiritually - these and other positive changes you can bring to your life. 

This method is based on the practice of drawing, coupled with the urgent tasks of the one who is creating the picture. 


It allows you, here and now, to touch the unlimited potential of your higher “I” and use its energy to achieve your goals, awakening hidden forces. and mobilizing unclaimed resources. So let's do it together!


And know that your success and the quality of your life depend on the number of lines that have escaped from your hand (Illustration 2).

Sometimes I ask myself: “When do I have time?” - and I do not find an answer. I do not know how it turns out. I only know that I love living, I like to create new things, I like to draw. And all the new one way or another, grows out of what is already in our lives - the main thing is to find, see, and feel. And I search - I search constantly and find: revelations visit me, thanks to which I create.


I met with meditation when I was fourteen. I became interested in it, introduced it into my system, and since then, so to speak, it has deliberately “been included in the search”. But now, when I remember that time, it seems to me that I started this path much earlier - perhaps even before I was born. And, perhaps, neurographica that burst into my life is a reflection of fate, a mission for which I came to this world.


Neurographica was born on April 29, 2014, when I flew from Moscow to Israel, at Ben Gurion Airport. In the sky above Jerusalem, high above the clouds, half asleep I heard this word in my head. The birth of neurographica in itself is wonderful. But the fact that in five years it has become the fastest growing psychological method in the world, now seems like a real magic to me. 


After all, if you delve into the history of psychology as a whole, research, analyze it, then you can come to the conclusion that strengthening this concept in the mind of a person should become a complex and even painful process. But in this case, everything develops, as in some kind of utopia: neurography is reflected in the hearts of people, easily penetrating their minds, merging with their lives. And this is amazing. And wonderful (Fig. 3).

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