Neurographica® Specialist - Professional Certified  Course

8 hours of awesome intense drawing

In this way, you can immediately start learning by video;
Join online in any of the streams, and get certified!

Take a powerful step into the profession while others are taking a rest!
To participate, be sure to master the Basic course User!

The Specialist Course includes

  • Model TRUE

  • Model "Quality of life"

  • Model S.C.O.R.E.

  • Exercise # NeuroTree

  • Algorithm "Elicitation of  intention"

  • Details about the School of Neurographica®

  • 10 core tenets of Neurographica ™

  • Psychological foundations of Neurographica®

  • Rights and restrictions on the status of Specialist

  • Supervision, reporting practice and certification

General Information

All participants of the Specialist course will  get access to a special group of the community of Specialists for the purpose of supervision and exchange of experience, and as well they will have access to the webinars database of the training program.


After paying for the course, you will get access to all the videos of past streams of this course conducted by Pavel Piskarev and the school Instructor, as well as access to future flows in 2019. Learn for good!)